Yesterday, NSR conducted extensive aerial recon of the North Shore mountains. With assistance from Talon Helicopters, Mark Miller (Highway thru Hell) and his camera technician, Daylan Forsythe, NSR took hi res photos and videos of the terrain in the hopes of capturing something that may assist in the search for Tom Billings.

We are asking the public to view these videos looking for anomalies and reporting them either in the comments section or back to us via email ([email protected]). Additionally we are asking for this to be shared with your social networks.

December 26

Video #1 of 3
Video #2 of 3 (Lynn Creek/Canyon)
Video #3 of 3 (Mackay Creek) – Be aware, at time code 12:27:30 you will see a light in the creek. That is one of our members on the ground.

December 28

Video #1 of 2
Video #2 of 2

If emailing an anomaly,  please indicate: which video (include the link), the youtube timecode, what you see, and where you see it on the video.

Additionally, we will be posting Hi Res photo’s to our flickr account ( Please stay tuned and we will update as more content is added.

We will continue to search, weather permitting, and uploading photos and video for public review. Your assistance will be essential.

Thank You


Instructions from YouTube:
This is the first of three videos. The remaining videos will be released over the next day or two.

Please change your resolution to 1080 HD

Can you spot any anomalies in the video? the search for Tom Billings continuos online!

Please Email Curtis At North Shore Rescue.
The more people that review the videos, the faster we can find Tom and give his family closure. Please review each video, and look closely for anything that seems out of place. In the comments column* please:
1. make a note of what you see
2. Note the timecode of the video. (we will then cross reference it with our High Resolution images and zoom in for a closer look)

*if you aren’t a youtube member pls email your comments to [email protected]

Tom went missing November 25. It is believed the British BackPacker headed up Grouse Mountain for a solo hike.
We have compiled a series of aerial videos that are slaved to High Resolution Photo’s and GPS data. We are asking people at home to carefully review each video and note any anomaly that could be related to Tom.
The day he went missing he was wearing:

Black Jacket with Hood
Green t shirt as in attached photo
Grey trekking pants as in attached photo
Dark Brown trail hiking boots 10.5 uk
Camera Nikkon Cool Pix

What more can you do?
Please share this link with your friends and family via EMAIL, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Weather has improved on the mountain, but soon snow will be moving in. We are in a race against time and need to conduct this video search as quickly as possible. Everyone at North Shore Rescue and the Billings family thank you for your help.