Adapted from a task description by responding field team member Mike Sample.

After completing another task on Seymour in the morning, North Shore Rescue received another call for 3 people stranded in Crown Pass near Grouse. One of which was reported to have a leg injury. A small 3 man field team was deployed and was transported to the trail head by Grouse Mountain Staff. At this point it was 23:30 and the trail conditions were poor (slippery, muddy, and steep) due to the previous days thunder shower.

The field team arrived with the subjects at 01:30 and the injured subject was found to have a superficial leg wound by the team doctor. The rest of the group was tired, cold and needed to be rehydrated. Otherwise they were in good spirits. The subjects had brought equipment in case of an emergency, but were not equipped for the conditions or the location they were in. The field team provided them with warm fluids, dry clothing, headlamps, and food.

The rewarmed and hydrated subjects were then escorted  out  on the rough trail by the field team members. This was a slow process, and involved team members helping with carrying the subjects gear. At 6 AM, the team reached the skyride and the subjects were brought down and left with the SAR manager and RCMP for debriefing.

Some key learning points  from this rescue were:

  • Although the subjects had done research on the trail they were undertaking, being from New York State, they did not account for the roughness or elevation gain of the trail. Consulting a topographic map, or someone who has done the trail before would have made all the difference.
  • Always take a headlamp so you don’t get stuck in the dark
  • Consult a map and bring it with you
  • Bring extra warm clothing