So far this long weekend has been a busy one for North Shore Search and Rescue (NSR) crews. With 6 calls, over two days, members were kept hopping. These calls ranged from benighted hikers to medical rescues off of mountain peaks.

On Saturday NSR responded to:

  1. A overdue hiker at Lynn Lake
  2. A medical rescue for a dislocated patella in Lynn Headwaters park
  3. A group of 4 hikers who became separated from their hiking group on a day hike to Mount Elsay

On Sunday NSR responded to:

  1. A medical rescue for a severely dehydrated hiker on the Howe Sound Crest trail who required a helicopter medivac
  2. A group of 2 female hikers who became lost on the Baden Powell Trail near Grouse when darkness set in
  3. A group of 2 male hikers who were benighted and lost in the lower Lynn Creek area

One theme for the weekend was hikers who ran out of light and became stranded. It is important to take into account the ever shortening days when heading out for some wilderness fun. Also, remember that it gets dark in the trees a few hours before the sun actually sets. Good planning, and carrying the ten essentials is key to staying safe and avoiding a NSR rescue!