North Shore Rescue personnel were joined by representatives from various agencies (see below) last night for a table top exercise regarding avalanche response on the North Shore mountains.

  • BC Parks
  • Grouse Mountain
  • Cypress Mountain
  • BC Coroners Service
  • Canadian Avalanche Center
  • Coquitlam SAR
  • Lions Bay SAR
  • Surrey SAR
  • Metro Vancouver Parks

Participants were assigned to various scenario groups covering each of the 3 local resort areas and asked to prepare an action plan covering the response to these scenarios. With a lot of cooperation and shared knowledge groups worked together to come up with a realistic response to each of these scenarios. Developing and maintaining a close working relationships with all stakeholders is an important part of emergency response and as such this exercise was a tremendous success.

For background information; Code Alpha refers to an avalanche preplan developed by NSR which sets out the response guidelines/resources/procedures/etc. for a situation where a civilian or a member is caught in an avalanche. This preplan allows for a response to a hectic and complicated situation fraught with emotion and confusion, in a thourough and systematic approach. Ultimately the goal is to protect the safety of the rescuers, while saving as many lives as possible.