North Shore Rescue (NSR) Helicopter Flight Rescue System (HFRS) Mutual Aid Assist to Coquitlam SAR May 9 2009

NSR was called by Coquitlam SAR for an HFRS mutual aid assist in response to a 52 year old male hiker who suffered a cardiac arrest on a steep trail near Bunzten Lake. NSR HFRS Coordinator, HFRS rescuers and a HFRS Spotter responded with Talon Helicopters.

After making contact with Sasmat Fire Crew who were on scene with the subject, the decision was made to insert an NSR Advanced Life Support Paramedic into a hole in tall timber near the site via 200 ft long line, radio controlled with tag line and rappel lines for safety, along with cardiac monitoring equipment.

Shortly thereafter,the subject was assessed to have had CPR in excess of 1 and 1/2 hours without return of circulation. The decision to discontinue resuscitation was approved by the Coquitlam SAR Doctor after a complete and careful assesment by the NSR ALS Paramedic.

North Shore Rescue wishes to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of this deceased hiker.

Posted on behalf of Tim Jones