First let me apologize for the gap in task reports. We have had a very busy July and early August and with holidays it was hard to keep up.

Yesterday North Shore Rescue was requested for a helicopter rescue response to Vancouver Island to assist Cowichan Search and Rescue  with the evacuation of a injured subject from rough terrain on Maple Mountain. Receiving the call, flight teams were off the ground almost immediately and enroute to the Cowichan Valley with 2 mountain rescue and 1 medical member on board.

Arriving on scene and doing a preliminary scene assessment from the air, the flight team landed at Cowichan staging to offload heavy equipment, allowing for a flight team member to be inserted to make an on the ground assessment. One medical member was inserted via hover exit on the uneven rocky terrain where, in consultation with Cowichan SAR members who had already accessed and treated the patient, it was decided that the subject could be evacuated via hover entry (helicopter remains hovering above the ground while crews embark).

After moving the elderly subject, who had sustained a debilitating lower leg injury, to the pickup zone, Cowichan SAR and NSR members loaded the patient into the hovering helicopter. The subject was then transferred to BC Ambulance Service Paramedics for further care and transport to hospital.

A very straight forward helicopter rescue that had the potential to be much more complex and dangerous for ground crews had a helicopter not been available. NSR was proud to work with such dedicated and professional SAR volunteers and looks forward to working and training with them in the future.

Cowichan  Now Newspaper Article (Info and a good picture of Cowichan Members unloading patient at staging area)