On Sunday March 1, 2015, at 15:00 NSR was activated by BC Ambulance Service for a injured hiker in the vicinity of Crown Mountain. This was our second call to Crown in two days. The 67 year old male subject had sustained a lower leg injury and was not able hike out. With deteriorating weather and fast approaching darkness, Talon Helicopters pilot Kelsey Wheeler responded to our Cap Gate SAR station.

After a quick reconnaissance flight identifying the subjects location, NSR HETS (Helicopter External Transport System) technicians rigged the aircraft and flew into the site. The patient was accessed, stabilized and extracted from the scene with inclement weather prevailing and minimal daylight remaining. The patient was subsequently treated by an NSR doctor before being transported to hospital.


Again, the subject was relatively well prepared highlighting that accidents can happen to anyone. Important things to keep in mind is that there are still patches of snow in the mountains (even though it seems like summer/spring conditions) which can pose a serious hazard to hikers. It is extremely important that those heading into the back-country have appropriate footwear with good ankle support (NOT running shoes or sandals), and carry the 10 essentials.