North Shore Rescue was requested by West Vancouver Police to respond to Cypress Bowl Resorts for a stranded hiker in the downhill ski area May 10 shortly at 1800 hours.

The 22 year old male had been hiking with friends in the afternoon when he broke through the snow where it was undermined by flowing water beneath. He slid around 20 meters before stopping himself by grabbing for a tree. His minor injuries were compounded by his lack of appropriate footwear as the scare he had left him shaken to the point of not wanting to go further on his own.

He became mildly hypothermic due to wet jeans and running shoes. The fact he was wearing a dress shirt and had no jacket, hat or mitts, along with the fact he remained lying on the snow led to his muscles seizing up to the point he reported to the rescuer on scene he thought he had broken both his arms and legs.

After he was assessed for his “injuries” he was convinced to stand up and walk out with assistance…which he did. He was roped to avoid a further slide and was ferried by snowmobile from a high point by the staff at Cypress Mountain.

Thanks very much to Cypress Resorts. The attached picture shows the subject being escorted out on a short leash, followed by 2 man NSR Hasty Team and his friend who helped lead to them to his friend.