Last Saturday was an Escape trail marking day. NSR has “escape” trails set-up on the North Shore mountains designed to help lost snowboarders, skiiers and hikers off the mountain. They are located in strategic spots and areas that traditionally have seen lost skiiers or snowboarders go into. They also assist search teams that are escorting lost subjects out of the field. These are not “trails” – more accurately they are marked bushwacking routes, and are not designed for the recreational hiker. They are also designed to be difficult to locate from any main trail so they do not mislead day hikers. As well, many of them go through watersheds closed to the public – so….to state the obvious please do not try to find them, or use them.

Saturday we were marking an escape trail off of the East side of Mt. Seymour. We were all surprised to find a few feet of snow at the top of Seymour, and snow in the parking lot. The first part of the day consisted of wading through thigh deep snow, and then as we descended we got into slush, sleet, mud and bushwacking. By the end of the day we had nailed up two hundred flashers, used 24 rolls of flagging tape, placed two sets of fixed ropes, and posted 4 Escape Trail signs.

We exited in the North Indian Arm area – where the only exit is by boat – and we were picked up by the Coast Guard Auxillary.

Overall a fun wet muddy day.