Yesterday afternoon Fraser, a 120lbs lab and his owner went for a hike up to Norvan Falls. When it was time to return Fraser was unable to walk due to cuts on his paws and exhaustion.

Passing hikers noticed the dog and owner in distress and notified the Lynn Headwaters staff when they returned to the trailhead. The Lynn Headwaters staff contacted North Shore Rescue and then began up the trail with a stretcher and big wheel.

NSR contacted Talon Helicopter’s owner Peter Murray and informed him of the situation. Peter has a soft spot for dogs and graciously offered one of his helicopters free of charge. NSR members were flown into a relatively close helipad and hiked in to meet up with Fraser and his owner.

Once the Lynn Headwaters staff arrived the dog was packaged in the stretcher and was transported to the waiting chopper about 3 km away. The crew was able to evacuate just before dark and all humans and canines were out safely. Thank you to Jim Stibbard (Talon Pilot), and Bill Siegrist and the rest of the Lynn Headwaters staff.