This afternoon NSR was activated by North Vancouver RCMP for a injured hiker on the front side of Grouse Mountain. After a brief investigation it was determined the subject was West of the tram lines in a deep drainage of Grouse Creek. As such the NSR helicopter rescue team, and ground teams were immediately dispatched to the base of Grouse Mountain.

While prepping to head in, a member of public alerted RCMP members to a collapse a short distance up the grind. RCMP and two NSR members immediately responded up the trail with medical equipment. A call was simultaneously placed for BC Ambulance to respond. After a thorough assessment by an NSR medic, the patient was determined to be in stable condition, and upon arrival of BCAS was walked down the grind to the waiting ambulance by BCAS Paramedics, RCMP and NSR.

Shortly after this, Talon Helicopters arrived on scene piloted by mountain rescue pilot, Kelsey Wheeler. A HETS team was flown up on a recon flight of the drainage to locate the original subjects and assess the situation. Upon locating the subject it was decided that two NSR HETS technicians would be inserted to the drainage to stabilize and evac the injured subject and his friend.

Using a 200 foot longline, the NSR technicians were inserted to a deep gully, in the middle of a smallish “waterfall”. This required a descent down a vertical cliff wall, and then a short climb up to the injured subjects. After reaching and assessing the patient, it was determined that he had likely sustained a fracture. The HETS technicians splinted the injury and were able to quickly extract both hikers via longline back to the staging area where the subject was transferred to waiting BC Ambulance Paramedics.

The subject, his fellow hiker, and his parents were extremely thankful. These two made the right decision and called for help right away.

Video Footage: