Last Thursday I was on the schedule to do the Grouse Grind sweep. Every night, someone from North Shore Rescue sweeps the Grind and hands out flashlights, and ensures that everyone is off the Grind. This is only done when the Grind is open.

Just as we were heading back down the tram we were paged out to assist the RCMP with a search for an elderly male in Deep Cove. I headed over there, and was about to begin my search when we received second call for a search in Lynn Canyon. A car was left in the day parking lot – so the RCMP was dispatched to investigate. After going through the care we found an ID of a female in her 20’s, hiking equipment, and a trail description of Hanes Valley. It was suspected that the subject had attempted Hanes Valley and had not returned to her car, so a search was initiated. I was then dispatched to Grouse Mountain to go into Hanes Valley from the West, so I headed back to Grouse and up the tram.

As we were on our way up the tram we were stood down, as the girl had been found near the parking lot in Lynn Canyon. We were all relieved we weren’t going to have an epic night and headed home – I got home about 3am.

This is our typical view at night on a search – taken from the tram – nice moon that night.