Last night’s training was a rescue scenario set near the Grouse Grind. The subject was unconscious located above a small cliff. I had the pleasure of hauling our dummy up to the spot on my back from the Baden Powell trail to help set up the scenario.

Once set up I returned to the Grouse Grind parking lot, and I headed back up to the spot as the “informant” with our advance team. The rest of the team followed, and we quickly had the patient packaged and lowered over down the cliff and then carried the stretcher the rest of the way with a “running belay”.

Overall training went smoothly and actually simulated a real rescue better than some other scenarios, as it was a lot of bushwacking, and improvising with the materials we had available. It was also a bit of a struggle getting the stretcher down the steep slope with heavy windfall, which is something we encounter regularly on real rescues.