On Saturday evening North Shore Rescue was called out to assist a man missing for 10 days . The man was spotted by an off-duty North Shore Rescue volunteer in the Hanes Valley area.

Due to fading light NSR elected to wait until morning to airlift him out. Rescuers hiked in and provided medical assistance to the subject, as well as shelter, food, and water, until the morning. At first light, the subject was long-lined out.

Excellent work by all involved. Equipment from NSR’s cache’s were used during this call.

Some flickr photos from one of our members can be found here –



Shot from inside the tent –






Subject (left) with Tim Jones NSR Team Leader (right)



Note: NSR was out searching for the subject the previous Friday, Monday and Thursday. At the time it was unknown if he had gone hiking in the area or not. NSR would like to remind hikers to always inform someone where you are going and what time you intend to be back. If this is not possible it helps to leave a note in your car.