At approximately 15:45 NSR received a call for a stranded out-of-bounds snowboarder in a steep cliff area on Mount Seymour. Having attended the ceremony for Dave Brolin, an RCMP pilot that worked a lot with NSR who recently lost his life in the line of duty, members were picked up via helicopter in Surrey and responded to the call. After a search, the subject was located in an area adjacent to Suicide Gulley, between two cliff bands on steep snow (see google map below). Dealing with a stranded, lightly equipped and cold subject, the Helicopter External Transport (HETs) team was immediately activated, and all other members readied for the possibility of a land based rescue.

With a limited light window, a single rescuer on a 200 foot longline was inserted to the site where the subject was located. Staying on the line, the NSR HETs member quickly connected the subject to the system and evacuated back to the heli pad. Although a challenging call for both rescuers and pilot, the subject was brought to safety without injury. Had the helicopter rescue failed, it is highly likely this subject would not have made it through the night.

Please make sure you are dressed warmly, that you tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back (even when skiing in-bounds!), and do NOT duck rope lines. Also, if you think you might be in trouble, call for help early! The earlier we get the call, the safer it is for rescuers.  This was a happy ending, but it could have easily had a very sad outcome.