tom-billings1Tom Billings (Age 22) was last seen in Vancouver November 25, and was expected back in England December 7th. The Vancouver Police and North Shore Rescue investigated and launched an extensive search of the Lynn Headwaters and Grouse area. Computer evidence and credible tip from two people place Billings in the Lynn Headwaters/Grouse on the day he set out to go for hike.

Unfortunately, no sign of Billings was found after an extensive air search, video assisted search, and ground search. This search was hampered by snow in the search area and was suspended until the snow melted.

Since the snow melt began this Spring, NSR members have been searching on their own time. As well, when activated for calls in the area, NSR has spent a portion of the time looking for Billings.

Now that the park area is open, this is where we and the Billings family ask for your, the public’s assistance. When hiking in the Lynn Headwaters/Hanes Valley/Crown Pass/Goat Mtn/Grouse area, please keep an eye out. Please stay on route, but look for unusual animal activity, discarded clothing or anything that looks suspicious. Please report anything you think is unusual to Police (911) immediately.

Also note that Tom was carrying a camera, if a camera is located without an owner in the area, this would be a very important clue.

For more details, please watch the Global clips below:

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