Today NSR members participated in the annual recurrency training for helicopter hover entry and exit. This involves a dry land session, where members practice their skills under the supervision of rescue pilots and senior instructors. Followed by live excercises out on the Tarmac. Today’s exercises covered such skills as:

  • Hover Entry/Exit (entering and leaving a helicopter while still off the ground)
  • Hover patient loading (on stretcher and semi-ambulatory)
  • Heli-Ops and Crew person awareness
  • Sling Loads
  • LZ preparation and a control

These skills are extremely important, as helicopters are a tool that are regularly employed in SAR operations. Having members trained to a high level helps ensure a safe and succesful mission.

On today’s particular exercise we were interupted by the arrival of the Prince of Whales (Charles) being dropped off in a Canadian Forces Airbus. Recertification activities were temporarily stood down to allow the welcoming ceremony to take place. You can see pictures of the event by checking out our flickr page or facebook fan page.