I missed training last Tuesday – Hypothermia treatment – mainly due to exhaustion from the Wilderness First Aid course, and the 18 hours of searching. I figured between the course, and treating hypothermia patients in the field, in the two days prior to training, I could take Tuesday off to recover.

Tomorrow we have “AED re-cert” – translated as Automated External Defribulation re-certification training. Not the most exciting training night – but it could save a life, mainly each others, as we don’t carry AED’s in the field – just a tad too heavy. We do carry them in vehicles, and we have them stored in a few cache’s in the field.

Today, I had my mobile radio installed in my truck, as I got a new truck a few months ago, helped out with equipment at the Embassy (the NSR “office”/works yard) and went by MEC to pick up some more equipment for our mountain caches. Not very glamorous or exciting, but necessary chores of a rescue volunteer.