I received this email a few days ago –

Here’s a detail of a map published by INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL MAPS called Vancouver’s Northshore Hiking Trails.It indicates a creek crossing which I don’t believe exists,shows the Lynn Loop trail as a mountain bike trail(annoying to hikers and bikers alike)and the trail to Coliseum Mt.going not to the peak but into the Seymour valley!I read of a recent rescue in Lynn Headwaters and couldn’t help but wonder if those people were using this map,sold at Lynn Valley and Westview Safeway and who knows where else.I wonder too how many other errors there may be on this and other maps produced by that company.
Keith Slade

Thank you Keith – we took a look at the map and you are correct – its incorrect. Doug, one of our members, will email the publishers of the map to advise them that the map has several errors.