At approximately 13:30 North Shore Rescue was requested by the RCMP to launch for an injured hiker on Mount Seymour. Luckily a member of NSR was at our heli base with a Metro Vancouver Initial Attack Crew and their helicopter (the same aircraft, pilot, and company we usually use). With Helicopter External Transport System (HETS) members responding, the NSR member launched with two initial attack fire fighters to locate and assess the patient.

Flying over Mount Seymour, it was initially difficult to ascertain the subjects location due to the many hikers all waving at the helicopter. After gaining cell contact with the subject, she was quickly homed in on and located. The NSR member (Also a BC Ambulance Adanced Care Paramedic) and IA team performed a hover exit on the false peak of First Pump. They quickly descended to the subject and began treating her for a closed ankle fracture. This treatment included a thorough assessment, intravenous morphine and splinting.

After dropping off the initial team, the helicopter returned and the HETS team rigged the helicopter at  Bone Creek LZ. On a 150 foot longline, a single HETS member was flown back to the site. After quickly packaging the patient for flight, the subject was flown back to Bone Creek to a waiting Ambulance. The IA crew and NSR paramedic were picked up shortly after via helicopter hover entry in the meadow below the Elsay Lake turnoff on the Alpine Trail.

NSR would like to extend a special thanks to the crews from Metro Vancouver Fire Attack, and the many LSCR staff that helped in this rescue.