Some hikers this past weekend found out that its winter in the mountains. Two hikers set out to hike Mt. Albert Edward in Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island, on Saturday. It started snowing heavily, they lost the trail, and were then lost for 5 days. They were finally spotted by a search chopper – they are lucky to be alive.


It may not be that cold in the city, but up in the mountains it is snowing and winter conditions. The searchers on the above search described wading through waste deep snow – it snowed over 3 feet in two days.


So be prepared for winter conditions – its going to start snowing heavily in the North Shore Mountains soon – and there is already some snow at the top. Bring extra clothing, and always always always bring a flashlight. Its getting darker everyday, and many of our calls this time of year are because hikers are stuck in the dark. No one expects to be rescued, or be delayed but it happens all the time – so if you don’t want us to come and find you in the dark – bring a flashlight. And one more thing – did I mention bring a flashlight?
Have fun, but be prepared for the changing conditions.


The blog – Activate BC posted some shots of the snow –