A lone male hiker in his 50’s started a day hike from Cleveland Dam with a destination of the the Cypress Bowl Lookout. After 5 hours on trail he got turned around very close to the Lookout. He called NV RCMP who pinged his phoned and relayed his coordinates to NSR. NSR Search and Rescue Managers were able to talk to the hiker and get him to hike back to the Powerline or TCT trail. A 6 man NSR Hasty team coming up the British Properties made contact with him within the hour and had the hiker out safely a short time later.

This task points to the the repeated value of cell phones with GPS location services. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you head out for an local adventure. More importantly however, DO NOT rely solely on your cell phone to get you out of trouble. They have a nasty tendency of not having a signal or dying before you can call for help. Whenever you head out, you should carry the 10 essentials and leave a trip plan with someone responsible. If you tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back, even if your cell phone dies, if you get lost or injured someone will know to get help and where to send them. Technology is great, but it must be used with a great deal of care, and should always be used second to the basics stated previously.