I write this post with heavy heart. Johannes (Hannes) Mullegger, a fellow North Shore Rescue Team Member, fell into a crevasse yesterday and passed away.



Hannes was on a ski tour with two friends on the Compton Neve. He fell approximately 100 ft. into a crevasse. The Armed Forces (442 Squadron) were scrambled and extracted Hannes, however, it was too late and he was pronounced dead at St. Josephs Hospital.



During the rescue, Whistler SAR was asked by NSR to be the lead team (if required), with NSR as a back-up. There was constant communication between JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Center), BC Ambulance Service and NSR. We spent last night waiting to hear if Hannes was going to be ok, or if we were going to be called in to help one of our own. Unfortunately, just after midnight we received the news that Hannes had passed away.



The last time I saw Hannes was a few weeks ago on the last rescue on Grouse Mountain. Hannes and I were carrying the Rope Rescue gear and ropes and setting up each rope rescue station together. Hannes’ job was to drag the 300 foot rope up the slope – a difficult job, but a job he was built for and loved. Hannes was known as an unstoppable force, and was known by all on the team as someone “who would carry two kitchen sinks” if he was asked to.



Strong willed, an excellent mountaineer, extremely fit, and a friend that we at North Shore Rescue will miss greatly.



This is a great shock to North Shore Rescue, and our hearts go out to Hannes’ family, his girlfriend and his friends.



We would like to thank the Armed Forces 442, SAR Techs and pilots for doing an amazing job, in a difficult night rescue, and to Hannes’ two friends, Chris and Dominic, that were with him on the trip.




Hannes we will miss you. You will always be part of our team.