On Saturday July 14, NSR personnel provided medical coverage for the Kneenacker Race. This race follows the Baden Powell from Nelson Creek Bridge all the way to Deep Cove. With hot temperatures, it made the race particularly knee knackering. The first place racer was Nathan Barrett with an astounding finishing time of 4 hours 56 minutes and 43 seconds!

This year the Kneeknackers raised almost $18,000 for the team! A very generous and much appreciated donation. These funds have been allotted to purchasing a Sea Can for a multi-casualty cache at our Bone Creek SAR station, and to build a new structure to house the teams Strachan Repeater. Both of these upgrades will allow NSR to better serve all North Shore outdoor users, including the trail running community.

During the race, although the temps were high, there were very few heat related injuries. NSR members did however treat and evacuate one Kneeknacker volunteer with a ankle injury. There was also some medical treatment performed at the finish of the race.

Concurrent to the race, NSR was tasked by West Vancouver Police to respond to a injured hiker between Unnecessary and the Lions. Primary info was a female hiker who had fallen on a snow slope and struck a tree, sustaining a injury to her chest.  With the helicopter external transport system (HETS) prepared and ready, a three member flight team including the teams doctor immediately launched from the Capilano SAR Station.  The flight team located the subject and her friends on the ridge top. After a recon of the site, it was determined that the flight team could be deposited via hover-exit to the ridge near the subjects. After landing, the subject was assessed by the doctor and then assisted to the helicopter were she was evacuated back to the staging area. The subject was then taken to hospital by NSR members for further assessment.

While cleaning up from the previous call, another request came in for rescue. This time it was for a male hiker who had fallen and injured his knee near the Lions. With a rapid response, NSR HETS members were airborne shortly there after and assessing the scene. It was quickly decided that a HETS response was indicated to access, assess, treat and evacuate the subject. Two members were then inserted via longline to the scene. With the help of bystanders, the patient was stabilized and loaded into the aerial rescue platform (the red bag). He and his companion were then airlifted back to Capilano SAR Station and waiting Ambulance. All in all, a busy day for NSR volunteers.

It is worth mentioning again that there is still a lot of snow on the local peaks. Both of these calls resulted from slips on low angle snow slopes. When you are heading out make sure that you are well prepared physically and with extra warm clothing, good footwear, and all the ten essentials.