Talon Helicopters and NSR HETS Members performed a life saving rescue of two young hikers who had inadvertently become stranded on a steep cliff band in the remote Needles area of Lynn Headwaters. NSR was alerted by RCMP shortly before 200 pm and were able to talk to this very anxious couple in the early twenties. They were only prepared for a day hike and chose this very complex route to take to Coliseum Mtn. They became completely turned around near the middle Needle and then called for help. NSR scrambled quickly with Talon helicopters but it took almost 30 minutes to find the subjects as the coordinates they gave were not accurate and it was difficult to spot them. Due to fading light , fuel and developing marine fog in Lynn Creek all rigging was done hot to save precious minutes. This couple were truly at risk and the young female was already mildly hypothermic. It is a collective observation by senior members of NSR that if this couple had not been able to get out on their cel , with the fact they had told no one where they were going, were completely ill prepared for an emergency bivy and had taken a bus to the trail head, most likely they would have been severely hypothermic by early am or worse.
The fact the the pilot was at the hangar and NSR HETS members close by on this weekday played a key role in the life saving rescue of this very grateful couple.

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North Shore News article – http://www.nsnews.com/news/stranded-hikers-air-lifted-from-lynn-headwaters-1.706298


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