Sunday afternoon NSR was called out to assist Lions Bay SAR with a medical rescue. Two hikers were descending from the Lions on a steep snow slope and slipped and fell. Both subjects fell several hundred feet through forested terrain. They were able to get a call out to 911 on their cell phone.

BC Ambulance dispatched an Advanced Life support crew from North Vancouver which included NSR Team Leader Tim Jones. Enroute Jones initiated the callout to Lions Bay SAR directly and scrambled Talon and a NSR HETS team concurrently. This enabled a rapid and seemless response from both teams.

Jones vectored the helicopter on VHF radio while concurrently on cel with the subject who gave sound and sight bearings of the helicopter as it approached the general area they were thought to be. The subject was able to shine their flashlight, which assisted in the chopper spotting their location.


NSR dispatched our HETS team to Lions Bay consisting of Mike D, Miles R, John B, and Kelsey our Pilot.  Tim J was already in Lions Bay, and was in communication via cell tel with the subjects. The subject was able to guide the chopper to their location and the chopper team was able to spot the subjects who had turned on their head lamps, which assists greatly in spotting subjects in terrain.

The chopper landed at Lions Bay in a school yard, and the team prepped the chopper for HETS (long line) extraction. Tim and the HETS members formulated the best plan for the extraction.

Two technicians were inserted and hiked up to the subjects. Upon re-evaluation of the male subjects injuries it was determined that he should be evacuated by stretcher. The female subject was extracted in a harness with the first tech. The HETS tech then returned with the stretcher and an experienced member of Lions Bay SAR (Doug B), who is an emergency room physician. The male subject was packaged in the ARP (aerial rescue platform), and was evac-ed with Mike. The chopper returned to evac the last two rescuers. Due to low fuel the chopper landed in Lions Bay and was secured overnight until more fuel could be brought up.

Excellent flying by our pilot Kelsey from Talon Helicopters in extremely challenging conditions. Thank you to Lions Bay, and BC Ambulance.






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