Post by: Tim Jones NSR Team Leader and Communication’s Chair

North Shore Rescue has just rolled out the Motorola TRBO series portable and mobiles along with a now operational analogue/digital Mt Seymour Repeater. This will enbale GPS tracking on the digital side of the NSR Seymour Repeater. This in no way affects the ability to use the analogue side.

Also the analogue NSR Seymour Rpt and newly moved analogue NSR Van Rpt based at Broadway and Ash to UBC’s Ross House will be UHF linked in the near future. This will vastly improve transition and communication between members at the top of Seymour and those moving up from the city areas. It will also address communication gaps at Lighthouse Park, Nelson Canyon and Mosquito Creek areas and enhance communications along the North shore Waterfront. The next improvement will see the NSR Strachan Rpt site rebuilt this summer to accommodate a future digital/analogue repeater which will be UHF linked to the NSR Van and Seymour Rpts. This will enable 90% coverage of our primary operational area with this link.

All this was funded by a private donation which NSR will publicize when the donor feels it is appropriate and through our BC Gaming Grant!!!

A lot of hard work went into this project and special thanks to Adam Gray our IT resource member and Cel Com in Langley.