Great stories on the January 26th, Mt. Seymour rescue by the the North Shore News and North Shore Outlook.

Excerpts from the Outlook:

“This rescue was gonna be an honour to Dave,” Jones told The Outlook Friday. [RCMP Pilot Dave Brolin]

Because of the snowboarder’s precarious perch on the wall of the gully, the team decided they’d have to try a long-line rescue — a technique NSR pioneered — and suspend a rescuer 200-feet below the helicopter through the tree canopy and haul the victim up.

“Normally the rescuers get off the line when they get on the ground but in this case he didn’t. He stayed on the line for his own safety and we literally had two minutes left of flying time when he reached him.”

North Shore News – Seymour bathroom break ends in near-death experience

North Shore Outlook – ‘This rescue was gonna be an honour to Dave’