Hey Everyone,

So there has been a mountain bike locked up at the base of grouse for a couple days. We would really like to find out who this bike belongs to and hopefully check off that there is no one missing. Please read the North Vancouver RCMP press release below. If you know of this bike, call the number; if you know someone who might know, forward this on to them.

Thanks from NSR!

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North Vancouver RCMP Press Release
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North Vancouver RCMP are seeking the public’s assistance to identify the owner of a red and black Specialized CrossTrail bike that has been locked to a bike rack at the base of Grouse Mountain for several days. Grouse Mountain staff are concerned that it may belong to a hiker who has not returned and has not been reported as missing.

If you own this bike or know the owner please contact the North Vancouver RCMP at 604 985-1311 and cite file number 2009-31532.