NSR members were recognized for their community contribution by the North Shore municipalities April 22nd at the North Shore Emergency Management Office. Among the members recognized, three senior members were honored for 40 years + of service each! Each member received a pin based on the number of years served.

40 Year Pin
-Dave Brewer
-Gerry Brewer
-Karl Winter

30 Year Pin
-Allan McMordie
-Ross Montgomery (32 years)

15 Year Pin
-Tim Jones (17 years)
-Stan Sovdat (17 years)
-Dave Sulina (16 years)

10 Year Pin
-Wally Kerchum (12 years)
-Bruce Moffat
-Greg Winter

5 Year Pin

-John Blown (7 years)
-Mike Dal Santo (7 years)
-Russ Jones
-Bob Manson
-Barry Mason (7 years)
-Doug Pope