North Shore Rescue (NSR) was requested by the West Vancouver Police (WVPD) to respond to Cypress Resorts for a single snowboarder, thought to be stranded deep down in Montizambert Creek after separating from his friends. Subject and friends had intentionally gone out-of-bounds almost immediately after getting off Sky Chair. Police originally had cell contact with the subject, but it was lost before NSR SAR manager could talk to the subject and obtain key information.

As such, NSR initiated a full team response and Talon Helicopters AS355 TwinStar helicopter was scrambled to assist in the operation. AVI Hazard at the time was considered to be Mod/Low, however NSR field teams observed all pertinent avalanche safety procedures. As helicopter was ascending the Montizambert drainage, the SAR manager received a text from the subject who had now climbed back up the drainage to re-establish cel signal. Using cel contact with the subject, in combination with air support, the SAR manager was able to vector the helicopter to the subjects location. This greatly assisted in cutting search time down by several hours, as a purely ground based search would have focused on tracking from the point last seen which was a significant distance from where the subject ended up.

Hasty Teams were tasked via the Howe Sound Crest Trail to the general area of coordinates from the helicopter. Through sound sweeps and having the subject blow his own whistle, he was located very quickly in a upper branch of Montizambert below the Bowen Lookout. Subject was uninjured, but cold and very scared over his experience. Although this subject went out of bounds, he was extremely apologetic.