For members who were not on the team in 1996, we had a hardcore rescue just above the Elsay Lake Trail (above Gopher Lake). A young boy scout named Phillp Gander fell almost 1000 feet down the gully system between 1st and 2nd Peak on Seymour.

He was an unconscious head injured patient who was seizuring when Don Jardine and I arrived via a no light jump off the skids helicopter rescue.

To make long story short I had to knock out his breathing and seizuring with some good drugs and then do a blind intubation to secure his airway and breath for him. CAF 442 squadron did a miraculous night time winch.

He spent 19 days in a coma and then woke up!

He and his mom Rosemary and brother Adam have never forgot about what we did that night. When Phil called me, he wanted me to meet him and his brother and scout troop for a hike this past Sunday August 12 th, to the spot where he fell and finally had the courage to visit .

It was quite an emotional moment for Phil and I was honored to be there.

There were many NSR members involved in this call . Allan McMordie in the 442 helicopter as a guide, Don J, Stan S , Gord F and many more….

Phillip Gander will shortly become a PHD ( McMasters) specializing in head injury trauma recovery.

~ Tim Jones (posted by John)