On Thursday June 26, NSR responded to Ridge Meadows SAR for a mutual aid tasking in the Gold Creek search. The previous day a 23 year old female fell into the creek and was swept away. After extensive search efforts by Ridge Meadows SAR and Fire, additional support was called in from surrounding teams.

NSR was asked to supply our specialist kayak rescue team along with our highly experienced Helicopter External Transport (HETS) technicians to provide support for NSR members in the canyon. Working alongside Ridge Meadows SAR, members spent the day both airborne, and on the ground searching the creek.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day, the subject had not been located.

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NSR has been a strong proponent of a regionalized HETS program to provide skilled and experienced crews to the region on a moments notice. Mutual aid is a great example of how speciality skill sets can be shared and deployed over a wider area to ensure experience and proficiency.