Rope Rescue Practice
Greenwood Park, North Vancouver 020823

North Shore Rescue team members participated in a rope rescue training session at Greenwood Park on Saturday to help hoan their skills for the coming evaluation in the Spring. It was a beautiful, mild and most importantly, a sunny day for the training. The skills that were practiced are extremely important to all SAR members and greatly enhance our ability to serve the public should they become injured or lost on the North Shore mountains.

The skills that were practiced included:

  • Stretcher Rigging
    • Vertical Raise/Lower
  • Vertical/Raise Lower Systems
    • Redirects
    • Pretensioned Tie Backs
    • Anchor Extensions
    • Anchors
    • Belay System
  • Pickoff under tension
  • Knot pass under tension (raise and lower)
  • Rappeling

All these skills and more that were not practiced on this particular training session help to keep everyone current and able to respond with the utmost efficiency.