I have just arrived home from Mt. Seymour after a full day of searching for 2 lost skiers. I received the call this morning after North Shore Rescue made cell phone contact with them near Theta Lake in the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver.

70cm of heavy white snow had fallen in the last few days and we went to go and find them on foot. We trucked through the heavy snow as fast as we could, knowing that a young couple had spent the previous night, cold and wet in the deep snow. We travelled to the target area for the people in need of rescue, as indentified by the helicopter team earlier in the day.

On the way, we ran into a disoriented skier that was also in need of help, stuck in the waist deep snow, trying to climb to an imaginary safety uphill.

All afternoon and into evening we trudged through the deep snow, and finally we ran into the young couple that had spent a harrowing night in the dark and wet on Mt. Seymour. They told us how they experienced an avalanche that buried them to their necks that they were able to dig out of and call for rescue.

They knew that they are lucky to be alive on this Christmas evening. After a long and strenious hike out of the North Shore wilderness, everybody is safe and sound and back with their friends and family.

All of the people involved in the rescue gave up their Christmas Day to help and were able to deliver 3 people home safely to their families, which is the best Christmas present that anybody could ask for.

Please enjoy this holiday season in the mountains but be safe, as avalanche danger is high with all of the snow that we have received in the last week.

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