“Snow Man 2” is the second drill in what is a series of annual scripted drills designed to primarily re-validate NSR HETS members and to test our current NSR Avalanche Safety and Response Plan on a CODE ALPHA* Response. Code ALPHA is a NSR pre-plan designed for a rescue where subjects have been buried in an avalanche.


This drill will be held on Saturday, April 14th, off of the east slope of Dog Mountain. The scenario will involve 12 snowshoers that have been hit by a class 2 avalanche off of Dog Mountain. The subjects will have sustained various injuries in the avalanche. The drill will combine a combination land based and air response.


Drill Objectives

  • Establish Command at Bone Creek and Forward Control at SAR Seymour to support land and air operations and liaise with all other agencies. This will include intelligence and forward planning activities.
  • To respond a joint air and land based response which will carry out CODE ALPHA response ,triage ,rescueand recovery activities in coordination with NSR Command and other agencies
  • Effective Triage and Timely air evacuation of all subjects to Bone Creek
  • Short Controlled Flight Test of HETS RESCUE Basket after main HETS drill completed
  • Possible Airborne Test of RECCO System prior to Drill start
  • Test of new GPS Tracking System on NSR Seymour Digital Repeater and SAR Tracker Program


Participants Invited

  • North Shore Rescue/Talon Helicopters/Lions Bay SAR/Coquitlam SAR/Squamish SAR/Ridge Meadows SAR
  • Metro Vancouver/BCAS/BC Coroner/NSEMO/RCMP/EMBC (PEP)/BC Parks
  • CAC/CARDA/Seymour Resorts/RECCO
  • Media