Yesterday Gord, Bob and I were dropped into Bull Canyon via helicopter hover exit. Our assignment was to sign-cut the area to determine if our subject, Tyler Wright, had come that way. This area was directly on the Fools Gold route, and was an area of high interest for the search managers. Moving extremely slowly, we spread out and found intermittent “sign” (depressions, broken foliage etc.) and occasional old flagging tape from the original trail builders.

Photo: Looking South up Bull Creek

The terrain was heavily forrested with dense under brush (including lots of my favourite plant – devils club). We came across a gully running perpendicular to the route with loose sand and dirt on each side. This was an ideal “sign-trap” so Bob suggested a plan of splitting up, walking the gully and cutting for sign.
Bob came across some footprints heading down into the gully close to Bull Creek, and the track then lead into Bull Canyon. Bob was able track down a good footprint that is likely our subject’s. We continued to follow the track but lost any sign at the creek. At that point we searched on both sides of the creek but we were unable to determine any further definitive track.
Photo: Looking north down Bull Creek from our LZ (where we were picked up by the chopper).
This clue however, gives the search teams a much better idea of where the subject was heading and shrinks the search area, which is great.
Teams today are concentrating on the area south of the print and south of Bull Canyon.