North Shore Rescue members were involved in a rescue of 4 stranded snowboarders who ducked a rope line on Cypress. 2 members were dropped off via helicopter just minutes before civil twilight (the time when the helicopter has to head back to base) and reached the subjects within a couple of hours in a steep, icy section of Australian Gulley (see map below). They were without a doubt in imminent risk, and it required a skilled group of 9 members in total to escort the 4 out. The drainages in this area are named after fatalities that occurred within them. This particular drainage has claimed a number of lives in very similar conditions.

NSR would like to remind everyone to obey the signage on the ski hill, and make sure that if you do get lost that you stay put. Descending further is a fatal mistake. Also, when you head out into the mountains,¬†remember to always tell a friend where you are going, and when to expect you back. Lastly, if you are in trouble, don’t hesitate to call for help, as any delay makes our jobs harder. Our SAR helicopters do not fly at night, and as such, delays that put us closer to civil twilight add risk….not to mention night operations in ground SAR are also more risky.

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