On Sunday August 19th, North Shore Rescue (NSR) was requested to respond to a male patient having a seizure at Third Debris Chute. This location is approximately 4 km up the Lynn Loop trail in Lynn Headwaters. Upon receiving the call, 2 members headed into the site with the assistance of Metro Vancouver staff and their all-terrain vehicle. One of the NSR members, an Advanced Life Support Paramedic, assessed and treated the patient on site with glucogel. However, the patient was still very disoriented and needed to be evacuated to hospital.

Concurrently, another NSR member was sent to our Bone Creek heli-base where he was picked up by Talon Helicopters to fly to the site for a heli evacuation of the patient. Using a power on landing (only part of the skid touching the ground), the subject was evacuated to a waiting ambulance at Bone Creek. The other NSR rescuers and 2 RCMP members, who were assisting, were also flown out via helicopter. District North Vancouver Fire Rescue also responded to this call, and was en-route to assist NSR in a land based option should the helicopter not be able to get the patient.

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