I’ve debated whether or not to comment on this on the blog, but I thought I should put it out there. Over the last few months NSR has experienced theft and vandalism to members and team equipment in a number of separate incidences. In certain cases, I am sure people do not know that they are targeting North Shore Rescue, and in others they are probably aware.

We are discussing internally how to deal with this. However, on a personal note, it is frustrating that a community organization that is run by volunteers, and does not have the funding to pay for these incidences is targeted. I wonder if any of these people will ever be lost or injured in the mountains and need our assistance. They should know we would treat them no differently than any other subject that is in need, and do our job regardless. I hope that whoever is responsible for the various incidents that have occurred over the past few months thinks about the fact that their actions cost our organization funds we don’t have – we could be allocating these funds to training and equipment to help save lives.