There was an article printed in the North Shore News regarding the January 2007 Theta Lake rescue. We greatly appreciate the exposure – thank you!

North Shore News Article

I thought I should clarify a few points in the article…

On morning of the 2nd day the 5 member team consisting of Bruce Moffat (NSR), John Blown (NSR), Jeff Yarnold (NSR), Roland Webb (Coquitlam SAR) and Doug Brown (Lions Bay SAR) accessed Tim Jones and Gord Ferguson by hiking down to Theta Lake. The team then moved the subject into an area of safety, set-up shelter and dug the snow caves. This team remained at Theta lake until the following day when the team loaded the subject into the helicopter.

I also wanted to mention that the actions by the Blackcomb Ski Patrol and Highways Avi Techs provided an escape route for the 7 rescuers. Without these efforts we, the rescuers, would have been trapped for a number of more days facing depleting supplies of food, water, and fuel for the stove. These Avi Techs truly risked their lives to clear a route, and NSR greatly appreciates their help.

Again, i would like to thank the North Shore News for the exposure, it is very much appreciated. The North Shore News has always been a big supporter of North Shore Rescue and we depend largely on the press we receive to help increase our public donations.