Here are the next 5 air recon videos taken around the Grouse area in the search for Tom Billings. Please read the description on the video page, watch the video closely, report any anomaly and share with your social media networks.

When reporting anomalies please include the link to the video, the youtube time code, a description of the anomaly and where on about on the screen you spotted it.  If you are able, taking a screen shot, and circling the anomaly is extremely helpful for us. To report, either comment right on the youtube page, or email [email protected].

  1. Grouse Mountain Bluff Area
  2. Hanes Valley Boulder Field
  3. Hanes Valley Boulder Field #2
  4. Mosquito Creek
  5. Dean Creek

January 3 Recon

  1. Upper Hanes Boulder Field (Cam 1)
  2. Upper Hanes Boulder Field (Cam 2)

Please note that the previous youtube video labelled Mosquito Creek was actually Mackay Creek, the video included here is the actual Mosquito Creek.

We really need everyone’s help here in the lead up to this weekend. We are expecting good weather, and will be deploying ground teams to search these areas. Any leads could be quite helpful in directing teams.

Talon Helicopter on it is way back to YVR after Rescue

Talon Helicopter on it is way back to YVR after Rescue