May 17 , 2009

Tim Jones submission:

North Shore Rescue was called out by North Vancouver RCMP and District Fire Rescue for a six year old male who fell into Lynn Creek near the Ranger’s Station in Lynn Headwaters Park. In liaison with North Vancouver District Fire Command, NSR quickly scrambled Talon Helicopters, our Kayak Team and Helicopter Flight Rescue System (HFRS) Team. A four man recon team departed from NSR SAR Station Bone Creek in Talon’s ASTAR350B2 for a river recon.

On the first low pass just south of Point Last Scene the child was spotted in relatively shallow water.Talon Pilot Kelsey Wheeler maneuvered the ASTAR down to the water surface mid stream and HFRS member in drysuit Dave Sulina jumped out and quickly retrieved the child who was in cardiac arrest passing him to Kayak Team Leader Jim Loree.

The child was brought back to Bone Creek where NSR/BCAS ALS paramedics Tim Jones and Dave Sulina with the help of NSR members, Metro Vancouver and BC Parks staff quickly intubated, administered IV meds, preformed CPR and packaged in the child in blankets and clamshell with spinal precautions.

Given the situation Jones, Sulina and pilot Wheeler made the decision in the child’s best of interest, to load the child on the same Talon helicopter and direct transport to Children’s Hospital Trauma Unit as this was a hypothermic arrest.

Everyone involved did an absolutely fantastic job under very stressful circumstances and should be proud of themselves.

Our deepest sympathies go out to the family and friends of this young boy.

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