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Avalanche Information

If you are recreating in the backcountry in snow during the winter months – you need to take an avalanche course. If you know people who are heading out in the snow in the backcountry – loved ones, friends etc. – tell them they need to take an avalanche course.

If you are just starting out, the appropriate course is AST 1 – go to Find a Course on the Avalanche Canada website Courses are only one weekend and are great fun. They will save your life.

Once you have taken a course – before heading out into the backcountry check for the latest avalanche conditions by visiting the Avalanche Canada website at

Select South Coast Region for information on the Avalanche Danger on the South Coast. Keep in mind this forecast includes a large area and conditions on the North Shore may vary widely from conditions in Squamish or other areas. Hence – also read recent snowpack or avalanche observations for your area which can be found on the map, evaluate the weather and once you are in the field adjust plans accordingly depending on what you see.

Mountain Information Network

NSR is asking the public to submit any avalanche observations including any stability tests conducted, stability concerns, evidence of avalanches, or reports of avalanches to Avalanche Canada’s Mountain Information Network.

The weather forecast covers the North Shore mountains at 915 meters elevation (altitude of the Cypress parking lot). We would like to thank RWDI for donating their forecasting technology to NSR.