North Shore Rescue is recruiting new members! Deadline June 4.

North Shore Rescue is now taking applications for membership for the 2018 season. Have you thought about applying to join the team before? If so, now might be your opportunity. If you have a strong sense of commitment to the idea of joining North Shore Rescue, the requisite knowledge of the North Shore trails and wilderness, and extensive outdoor recreation experience, we look forward to hearing from you!

Joining North Shore Rescue is a tough and long (but rewarding!) process. It consists of two years of weekly training (with the exception of between June and August, when call volumes skyrocket), while also responding to tasks as a field team member (don’t worry, you will be with experienced members).  Furthermore, Members-in-Training (“MIT”s) will participate in numerous additional training courses and exercises, fundraising and social event attendance, along with maintaining 80% or higher call-out and training attendance.

Over the summer, new MITs are expected to assist with the daily closing sweep of the Grouse Grind at least once or twice a week. Our training calendar officially kicks off starting the first week of September. It is especially critical that you are present during training for your tenure as a Member-in-Training.

For a full list of requirements and information regarding the application, please see our Membership page.