History Project Video Gallery

Introduction to the NSR History Project

In these video interviews, you will hear much about how new technologies have changed North Shore Rescue into a faster, more efficient Search and Rescue (SAR) organization.

Today’s team stands on the shoulders of everyone who came before. Prior to GPS and cell phones, NSR relied heavily on the hard work of its dedicated members. While they did not have today’s equipment and technology, their contribution to the community was every bit as important as our contribution today.

In many ways the challenges faced by those of the past were greater because of the equipment and standards they had to work with in the early years. Let’s remember, the technical equipment NSR uses today was not available in the first 25 years of NSR, so it wasn’t simply a matter of inadequate funding or a lack of imagination.

In the early years, NSR members were the Search and Rescue innovators for B.C., having developed modern day standards for SAR management, training, backcountry hypothermia treatment, and other innovations in order to meet the growing needs for SAR assistance.

NSR owes a huge debt to those who served in the early years and who laid the foundation for this Team and its successes.



Our Video Production Partner

These NSR history project videos were filmed, edited and produced by Bravo-Zulu Productions. They reflect the genius, skill and ability of owner and former member of North Shore Rescue, Rob Brandreth-Gibbs who unfortunately died days after their completion. These videos are dedicated in his memory.
1953 — 2020