This last weekend was epically busy for volunteers with North Shore Rescue. With many members out of town, the majority of the calls were handled by a skeleton crew who put their plans & families on hold for the long weekend. When all was said and done, the team had logged 10 callouts. While some of these calls were only investigations (and their resulting paperwork), others were substantial and took significant volunteer hours. We were also lucky to have our colleagues at Talon Helicopters on short response time for the medical rescues.

Although not all of the calls, in particular:

  • On Saturday NSR responded to a medical rescue on Mt. Seymour, and two independant missing person calls on Grouse and in Lynn Headwaters
  • On Sunday NSR responded to a very serious medical rescue on Coliseum Mountain
  • On Monday NSR responded to, but was canceled enroute to, a rescue on the Sunshine Coast

Shortly after wrapping up a misisng persons investigation, and an assist on the Grouse Grind, on Monday night NSR was contacted by Lions Bay Search and Rescue for mutual aid to assist with two seperate parties who were stranded near the Lions. NSR was able to send a 3 man ground team to assist with the land based operation. While one group of stranded hikers was escorted off, the second group were at a higher elevation, and members of their party had sustained injuries. It was determined that it would safest to wait until morning for a helicopter extraction. Staying overnight with the subjects, Lions Bay SAR members kept them warm until first light when the NSR helicopter rescue team was able to assemble and attend the scene.

With three hikers, two of whom had sustained lower leg injuries, and dog, it was determined that a helicopter longline extraction was the safest method to evacuate the subjects and their canine companion. The subjects were ultimately flown back to the school field in Lions Bay were they were taken care of by BC Ambulance Service and Lions Bay SAR. This call was wrapped up with just enough time for members to have a shower and head to work for 9:00 AM.

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