NSR HFRS members participated in a “recert” with Blackcomb Helicopters in preparation for the Olympics. This satisfies the legal requirement with Transport Canada that NSR personnel must train annually with all their helicopter charter providers. It also gave members a chance to familiarize themselves with the pilots and with the aircraft that we will be utilizing during the Olympic Games period. Talon Helicopters was and will continue to be our primary helicopter provider before and after the Olympics. Blackcomb Helicopters won a PEP contract to provide a standby rescue helicopter during the games, and as part of that contract, the government has provided NSR/SAR with number of flight hours to be used for training, familiarization and orientation to the North Shore terrain.

Included in this exercise where: NSR HFRS technicians, NSR HFRS aware members, CARDA handlers and their dogs. The recert included the following components:

  • Operational briefing
  • Introductions (pilots and aircrew)
  • Dryland rigging of helicopter
  • 150 foot longline insertions to mountain gulley (in tandem and with CARDA dogs)
  • 200 foot longline insertions to mountain gulley (in tandem)
  • 200 foot rescue basket extraction from river bank
  • Debrief, cleanup and paperwork

Overall a good experience for all members that were involved. Having regular exercises such as these keep all our skills honed and at the ready to render aid to the public.

For pictures of this training exercise check out our Flickr Page or Facebook Page.