The concept of the SAR Ready Room is to provide a location for mustering crews and staging a primary command in instances where the weather conditions, or the traffic conditions, are prohibitive of bringing a command truck up the mountain. SAR managers will have basic tools required to run a search, and search crews will have a warm dry place to muster and prepare their gear. Upon arrival of a better equipped command truck, command is shifted to the truck, but field teams still have access to the room for gearing up and briefing/debriefing.

A note from the driving force behind the project, Tim Jones:

One hell of a combined effort by all lot of people and organizations to make this a reality…this was no little adventure ..this took months of planning and preparation and above all cooperation!!!!.

The List of who made it happen:

  • North Shore Credit Union- the flagship of financial support to NSR for over 15years
  • Mt. Seymour Resorts
  • BC Parks
  • Eric Campbell
  • Edgewater Construction
  • NeweltaMCraes Environrmental
  • Generation Electric
  • Cel Com
  • Britco Trailer
  • Point Blank Installations

And of course some of my very dedicated fellow team members, both new and veterans:

  • Jeff Yarnoldco project coordinator
  • Karl Winter- team founder and our inspiration
  • Mike Danks
  • Simon Buckett
  • Alex Fergsuon
  • Ron Royston

It started in August / September with NSCU our champion funding the project, Seymour Resorts and BC Parks making the space happen( no small feat in a provincial park) Edgewater Construction, Newelta and Mcraes, and architect Eric Campbell preparing the site and structure at their expense, Fred and Jackson at Generation Electric making it happen with donated time with the electrical feed and phone line and finally a quality product by Brico Trailers. . Then Yesterday… It all came together yesterday starting at 0600 . Challenges with snow early am, space, almost understrength crane due to bomb proof trailer, concrete like soil that made putting in seismic anchors a real challenge…… but just exceptional can do by everyone especially Seymour front end loader staff, Point Blank Installers and crane operator and Cel Com radio techs!!!

The trailer is now in, power and telephone lines are in, antennas are up , radios working, gear shelves and tables in by 1500!!!!

Hope to be fully operational within 10 days from now.

This summer a deck, siding and roof will be installed again funded by our friends at North Shore Credit Union.

Once again,Tremendous leadership by Jeff Yarnold and Mike Danks… young guys with young families and careers who have been on the the leading edge with other dedicated members on the development our 5 SAR Stations, all major projects successfully developed and task proven… Karl and I can’t thank you two enough… you are true leaders.