On Saturday, April 26th NSR conducted its annual Snowman IV drill.

Completed drill objectives:

  • Establishing command at Cypress SAR
  • Delorme tracking practice
  • Land based response to Code Alpha (multiple avalanche victims)
  • Effective triage, treatment, packaging and evacuation of all subjects
  • Hover entry and exit / HETS awareness training
  • Re-certification of HETS members using tandem evolutions with a loaded ARP
  • Completion of Spotter training
  • Reconnaissance of potential Montizambert cache
  • Rope rescue raise and lower systems for multi-casualty incident – 9 subjects in total!
  • Patient packaging and evacuation and active patient management (CPR) via snowmobile
  • Air-ops coordinator training


Thank you to Cypress for their assistance with running the drill.


Thank you to all who turned out!


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